16 January 2023

December preparations

Welcome to the F3 Project Update for December. This update will provide an overview of the progress we have made in the last month for the Free Fresh Food (F3) Salisbury Community Project. We have accomplished a great deal over the last month and we can’t wait to share our progress and future plans with you.

What we’ve been doing

We have been fortunate enough to be allocated a piece of land at the Chafyn Grove School in Salisbury to cultivate and harvest produce for the F3 project. We are extremely grateful and cannot thank them enough! We are passionate about our mission to combat the cost of living crisis and provide free nutritious food to those in need. Our team of volunteers is delighted to begin gardening and impart their skills and knowledge to those in the community, so they can learn how to care for their own gardens and acquire a valuable new skill. This is a major driving force in our effort to assist those facing financial hardship.

Ground preparation:

We have made significant progress on the F3 project in December. 

Preparing the ground:

🌱 Step 1: We started by removing the turf from around the trench (1.5 x 10.5 metres) and stacking it aside.

🌱 Step 2: After that, we dug out the soil and piled it up until we reached the chalk sub-soil level.

🌱 Step 3: Whilst digging, we removed large stones and really pernicious weeds (as per the photos). The stones were stored for use elsewhere.

🌱 Step 4: The turf was then placed grass downwards in the bottom of the trench. This was followed by shovelling in alternate layers of horse manure and topsoil until each bed was raised above the level of the site. 

🌱 Step 5: Finally, an 8” wooden surround was constructed to hold the soil in place.

Although a lot of work was being done at this stage, it does mean that in future we can use organic, ‘no-dig’ gardening methods that will preserve the soil’s structure.

This should ensure an excellent foundation for planting this year when warmer weather arrives!

We cannot wait to share more updates with you as the F3 project progresses!

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Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about The F3 Project, or if you’re interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!